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Purity of sound. No adulteration. No artificial enhancement. Nothing added. Nothing left out. It’s a goal many audio manufacturers aspire to.
Luxman (力仕) 於1925年在日本成立,當時的第一件產品是電台廣播接收器(收音頭),並同時是該年於日本剛開始了電台廣播後的第一部日本本土生產電台廣播接收器。
Future is not past... Revolution has just begun!
For over 20 years Bel Canto Design has developed products with the goal of getting you closer to the original performance. Our efforts to achieve this goal have led to innovative engineering and multiple award winning products. Bel Canto is forward looking company philosophy is projected into every product we produce. Proudly designed and hand built in Minneapolis MN USA.
Creek (朗泉)的產品由Michael Creek領導一個電子工程師團隊共同研發,他們採用最新的CAD技術以及精密的測試儀器來實現其創新敏銳的設計。
Initially Kurt Baer worked in the furnishing industry where he designed technically innovative furniture for the Swiss furniture company De Sede. Furthermore he has been a Hi-Fi enthusiast with heart and soul for more than 40 years. Especially the analogous technology inspired him a lot. Therefore he often exchanged some components and was delighted with each sound improvement. During his studies and by doing several tests he found out that some technical details can be changed in such a way that the quality of the whole product could be improved. To find out whether his ideas really increase the sound quality Kurt Baer constructed a turntable accordingly to his own plans. The outcome was overwhelming because the sound quality was remarkably higher. Afterwards he even designed and constructed a complete record player in his artist’s workshop. However Kurt Baer still tried to improve the sound quality by doing test with a SME tonearm.
YG Acoustics™ is a world-leading ultra-high-end speaker manufacturer. We also incorporate in-house a full-fledged high-tech research firm and a highly sophisticated CNC machine shop.
Eventus是一家成立於2000年1月1日的極品揚聲器廠家,因此Eventus亦是進入30世紀的第一家成立於義大利的廠家。廠房位於義大利的小鎮Benevento,產品設計及生產全部於義大利廠房內完成,所有Eventus產品都符合國際ISO9001的認可標準,生產環境亦完全達到國際ISO 14001的標準。
We developed an innovative technology that enables significantly more ‘accurate’ reproduction than any existing speakers, starting an era of totally new speakers.
Epos音箱總設計師Michael Creek於2000年全面收購了英國Epos音箱廠之後的日子裏產品因其優雅設計與出眾性能一直在全球廣受歡迎。
REL Acoustics, Ltd. of Bridgend, Wales was founded in 1990 by Richard Edmund Lord. Dissatisfied by the commercially available subwoofers of the day, Lord set out to build Himself something better. Almost immediately, word spread of a Welshman who had built this incredible sounding sub bass system and soon enough audiophiles began searching out these legendary subs that were built like no other.
NHT是一家很有意思的美国音箱公司,他们诞生于1987年,是一家以专门设计平价好声音箱为目的的公司。NHT同时在全球30个国家拥有代理商,NHT也因为合理的价格和超越身价的好声音表现而备受用家欢迎,品牌产品种类包含高级两声道音箱、带Dolby Atmos功能的家庭影院产品系到、获得美国THX认证的家庭影院产品、私人定制安装及广播用产品....等等,欢迎经销商及广大用户来电查询产品用途,我们将会为你提供最专业的答案。 www.nhthifi.com
Audio component racks fundamentally shape the quality of the signal that comes out of the loudspeakers. A good rack will make music sound more “realistic” as vibration from the loudspeakers, the components and the rack disappear, revealing the inner detail of the music.
Kubala-Sosna believes in the performance, quality, and long-term value of our products, as they have been designed and built to satisfy you today and long into the future.
The clearer the sound that reaches the ear, the more it moves us. Because all of us at VOVOX are passionate about music, we decided to develop sound conductors: cables optimized to transmit audio signals as purely as possible.
Acoustic Harmony(A.H.)從結構中追求最好的材料作選擇,從而得到最佳的平衡和可靠性的質量。導電體和絕緣材料具有優良的使用環境性和導電特性,
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